Top 9 Best Paintball Mask – The Best Cheap Paintball Mask Reviews [2020]

Paintball masks can be a great relief for professionals as well as the occasional paintball players.  A good paintball mask can secure your favorite moments in paintball sport. In case you are looking for the best paintball mask then you have knocked the right door.

Paintball is an amazing shooting sport. Nearly 12 million people take part in this competitive sport. Different countries in the world love to participate in this enthusiastic game every once in a while.

However, apart from being a recreational shooting sport, paintball also serves a purpose in the different formal and professional form of training and competitions such as in the military or in major tournaments.

In this sport, as different chemicals are used as a dye, players have to maintain special care for sensitive parts of their faces such as their eyes, nostrils and ears. Otherwise, they may face harmful consequences.

Paintball masks ensure the enthusiastic flow of the sport. It protects players from burns of the liquid substances and makes sure you get your best time.

I have researched quite deeply on different paintball masks that provide both quality and safety for you. Here, I am going to review the 9 best paintball mask of the year. Grab your seat and dive deep.

Top 9 Best Paintball Masks


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Dye I4 Special Edition – (Best Anti Fog Paintball Mask)

Dye Precision I4

5 out of 5


Virtue VIO – (Best Thermal Paintball Goggles)

Virtue VIO

5 out of 5


JT Spectra Flex 8 – (Best Paintball Mask Under 100)

JT Spectra Flex 8

4 out of 5


Virtue VIO Ascend – (Best UV Protection Paintball Lenses)

Virtue VIO Ascend

4.5 out of 5


HK Army Paintball KLR – (Best Thermal Mask)

HK Army Paintball KLR

4.5 out of 5


Empire Paintball X-Ray – (Best Fog Resistant Mask)

Empire Paintball X-Ray

4.5 out of 5


Empire EVS – (Best Paintball Mask for Glasses)

Empire EVS

4.5 out of 5


Dye i5 Goggle – (Best Paintball Mask For Big Heads)

Dye i5 Goggle

5 out of 5


Empire Paintball Helix – (Best Paintball Mask Under 50)

Empire Paintball Helix

5 out of 5


1. Dye I4 Special Edition – (Best Anti Fog Paintball Mask)

Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

Dye I4 is considered to be one of the most convenient masks among paintball players. While making this masterpiece, manufacturers put effort into its authentic design and ultra comfort. Its comfortable design is designated to blend in with your face. It is such convenient in providing comfort that you will hardly feel any weight on your face.

Another reason why most of the paintball players love to choose Dye I4 Special Edition is because of the famous anti-fog technology. It’s anti-fog lens always aids you in having the clearest form of vision in the paintball field. Regardless of the weather, it’s effective glasses is dedicated to providing distortion-free optical visibility all the time. The mask provides a larger area for visibility offering an ideal peripheral field of vision.

Your facial shape will have supreme support from the Dye I4 mask. Its anatomical configuration is built to imitate the contour of players’ heads; Credit goes to its dual Dye foam. As for quality, Dye I4 is officially certified to ASTM and CE standards.

In case you are worried about the breathing compartment inside the mask, I can assure you, it will be the least of your concern. The accurate angling of Dye I4 blades will leave you with enough space to breathe while you are in a competition or wearing the mask for a very long time. Moreover, the lens is designed to withstand any impact a paintball gun can have.

You can easily take out the foams and insert the lens with Dye I4. The ability to replace these parts enhance the lifetime of your mask.


  • Comfortable design.
  • Breathable and durable.
  • Flexible ear protection.
  • Frequent lens change.
  • UV coated lens.
  • Thermal anti-fog lens.


  • Might not be suitable for people with different facial shapes.

2. Virtue VIO – (Best Thermal Paintball Goggles)

Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles

Another paintball mask that is in the recommendation list of many paintball players is Virtue VIO Paintball Mask or Goggle. One of the practical reasons why people preferred Virtue VIO Masks so much is its high level sustainability and durability. And when it comes to looks, Virtue VIO Dual pane is not only highly functional but also stylish as well. Players all over the world are impressed with its ultra comfort.

Its special lens technology offers viewers an extended field of sight, aided with better and refined visibility. The versatile color option offered by the manufacturer cannot but win your heart. You can get easy adjustment feature with the improved adjustability technology in this mask. Its 3D foam model pro pad offers extra grip for added protection. You can also get enhanced comfortability with this model.

Improved ear pad comes with no echo feature. It will enhance your hearing capability from different perspectives. Moreover, these ear pads are very lightweight to use. Its direct vents for player’s mouth makes it easier to breathe. You can easily communicate with others through this mask. Conveying your message won’t be a problem at all.

Like most other paintball masks, Virtue VIO is also fog resistant and provides maximum UV protection. You don’t have to worry while playing if it’s a scorchy day out there. However, in the case of style, I can assure you Virtue VIO comes with modern design and diversity. You can easily change the lens without getting too busy. So far, Virtue VIO will be tour best choice for the next competition.


  • Extra comfort and Easy breath ability.
  • 100 % Safety from UV rays.
  • Easy replacement of lens.
  • Extended peripheral vision.
  • No Eco ear pads.
  • Versatile design and Extra lightweight.


  • Not fit for too Big Heads/Faces 

3. JT Spectra Flex 8 – (Best Paintball Mask Under 100)

JT Spectra Flex 8

Do you want to get one of the best paintball masks out there? To have something that will startle your opponents and give you a spectacular performance? In that case, JT Spectra Flex 8 will be just the right one for you.

JT Spectra Flex 8 is featured with Dual-Fusion technology. This feature allows you to easily blend in with the round shape of your head. JT Spectra is, hence, considered to be one of the best exoskeleton masks in the market. Flex 8 is a full coverage mask and it is very well known for its flawless transition. This is a strong, less to zero vulnerable paintball mask for you.

However, while most players take full coverage feature as a hindrance, I can assure you, Spectra Flex 8 shows no such symptom of any sweaty head. Flex 8 is built keeping your comfort and flexibility in mind.

Flex 8 is manufactured with one of the best functional venting architecture of the current time. In fact, the venting design covers your entire facial contour rather than covering your nose or ear only. That’s not the end! You will find a good venting is on top of this mask. This makes sure there is proper airflow around your head. And you get sufficient air circulation throughout your entire head replacing inner warm air to the outer environment.

Other premium features offered by Flex 8 are thick and soft foam; providing your comfort all day, strong earpieces, dual pane thermal spectra lens; that offers you 260 degree field of vision and removable guards.


  • Maximum protection.
  • Advanced venting technology.
  • Full head coverage.
  • Proper air circulation.
  • Ultra wide perspective.
  • Detachable parts.
  • High quality spectra lens.


  • The earpiece is hard.
  • Can get rigid inside.

4. Virtue VIO Ascend – (Best UV Protection Paintball Lenses)

Virtue VIO Ascend

Virtue VIO is an exquisite mid level paintball mask prepared by brand Virtue. Earlier, the market of paintball masks has been getting taken away by the high level and the entry level masks. Manufactures were once, highly concerned about the need of professionals and the rookies until Virtue Ascend rocked the market. This is a great selection for players who are not too professional or not too amateur.

Virtue VIO Ascend is a highly effective mid range mask. This is for the people who seek a budget friendly mask with proper technical support and performance. Virtue ascend comes in a single piece. It is enhanced with added support and protection providing more coverage to your facial contour.

Don’t let its budget fool you. Virtue Ascend provides a larger field of view for your surroundings. Your view sight will be associated with a complete noise free clarity thermal lens which will provide you 100% safety from UV rays.

The ventilation process for Virtue ascend is really impressive. Play for a long time, you will still feel the cool ventilation around your face. Virtue ascend comes to an advanced architecture of better ventilation. It makes your breathability easier. You can also listen quite clearly to things around you. The thick protection from your mask won’t cost you a single opportunity to listen better and make communication with your team-mates.

However, if you are worried about the fact that it comes in one piece, don’t be. Although it is not highly customizable like other paintball masks, it a handful of choice for those who seek a quality mask within a friendly budget. You can still replace the foam with new ones.


  • Really budget friendly.
  • Lightweight and Compact.
  • Highly breathable.
  • Very Flexible to Use.
  • Replaceable foam.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Not customizable enough.

5. HK Army Paintball KLR – (Best Thermal Mask)  

When it comes to reliability, HK Army Paintball is just the right one for you. HK army has been leading the market with its extraordinary performance. It is an anti-fog thermal mask that is made with quality materials. This thermal mask is dedicated to sending back paintballs of any measures. Your face will remain impact free and you will hardly feel any force from the paintballs.

HK Army Paintball comes with Vforce Profiler. It is associated with the authentic features from the Vforce mask that adds a variety of aspects to this mask. KLR is a premium paintball mask that has been the sophisticated choice of many professionals.

It is built with pleasing patented pads. This padding accompanies the inner part of the HK army. Hence, there is no chance of missing comfort in every bit of movement with this paintball. Also, the padding maintains a proper balance of moisture inside the mask. Your face won’t get too heavy inside.

HK Army takes customization to a whole new level. It is featured with the PVTLock system. Due to this feature, you can rotate the thermal lens to different angles as you prefer. HK army comes with a powerful thermal lens. It offers you a wide range of view with high end clarity. Other features include foam for the forehead, three HDPE inserts.

This paintball goggle provides an anti-fog feature, it is extremely lightweight and breathable and provides an entirely painless experience for you. It also includes a smoke lens for sunny days and it doesn’t allow wind to cross your head. You can truly get one of these goggles with your next budget.


  • Lightweight and Breathable.
  • Rotating thermal lens.
  • Anti fog, wind resistant.
  • Provides a smokey lens.
  • Smooth air circulation.
  • Comfortable padding.


  • Comes with only one size.
  • Heavy use may cause critical issue with the lens.

6. Empire Paintball X-Ray – (Best Fog Resistant Mask)

Empire Paintball X-Ray

Empire Paintball Goggle is one of the most awesome paint masks. It is not only a badass paintball mask in the industry but also very popular among different levels of players. Empire X-Ray has gained my confidence long enough ago. This is why I chose to review this model from Empire although it is proven to be a little harder than many paintball masks.

Because Empire X-Ray is a rigid model, getting the privilege of bouncing paintballs won’t be available to you. It is an all plastic body and doesn’t really offer you that much flexibility. However, other features are exciting enough to deny this pro paintball mask.

Empire X-Ray includes a visor. The visor helps you to keep the sunlight away from your eyes. You will feel less distraction to your way. The visor is, however, removable. In the shady days, you can easily take off the visor. You can also place it back to your mask very easily.

Empire X-Ray is a fog resistant paintball mask. It is a single lens thermal mask. However, this single lens is wide enough to cover up the entire area around you. The vision might not be as excellent as the high-end masks, it will still be good enough for you to run the day.

This mask offers ventilation in front of the mask only; which makes the environment inside enough breathable. However, the addition of proper ventilation to each side of the mask would make it one of the nicest gadgets. In a nutshell, this is a middle range mask that offers average comfort to players.


  • Reasonable budget.
  • Quite comfortable.
  • Includes a visor.
  • Anti-fog mask.
  • Protects head.


  • Might not be according to expectations of average players.
  • Single panel lens might not be as useful to many.

7. Empire EVS – (Best Paintball Mask for Glasses)

Empire EVS Paintball Mask

It might seem surprising to you but Empire EVS has officially declared the most advanced paintball mask in technology. This premium paintball mask comes with a professional look. It is fast, yet simple. This sophisticated mask adds a glorified touch to your look with extreme professionalism.

Empire EVS is ASTM approved. It offers a tool free lens exchange. And also, the spherical lens comes with a 270 degree distortion free F.O.V (field of view). The dual panel thermal lens is fog resistant. Hence, it won’t allow any foggy sight to catch up with your view. It is also manufactured in such a way that it can prevent any scratch from harming your lens. And, it also provides a 100% safety from the dangerous UV light.

The mask itself is breathable enough. And it is quite flexible also; as suggested by many professional paintball players. Moreover, this mask can bounce the maximum of paintballs thrown at you. The EVS foam has a density three times more. It comes with a fleece that can absorb moisture. This exquisite feature makes EVS one of the most comfortable paintball masks in the paintball industry. Moreover, the silicone head strap will provide you a secure and fit grip all the time.

Being the world’s first smart paintball mask, Empire EVS leads the way to the most sophisticated design and innovations. It is better in technology, in appearance and flexibility and safety as well. This will be the first choice among professionals. And a guarantee for the beginners.


  • Quick, Flexible and Simple.
  • Anti-fog, scratch resistant.
  • Provides UV protection.
  • Full bounce of paintballs.
  • Dual pane thermal lens.
  • 270 degree field of view.


  • A more expensive mask for paintballing.
  • Not fit for too big heads.

8. Dye i5 Goggle – (Best Paintball Mask For Big Heads)

Dye i5 Paintball Goggle

Dye has been in the seamless effort of improving their every release with the flow of the modern era. i5 Paintball Goggle is one of their recent releases. It offers 20 percent more coverage than the previous model i4. It is also more advanced in many other features as well.

Dye i5 ensures your maximum comfort. It distributes paintball force evenly all over your head; hence ensuring ultimate safety and protection. Moreover, it comes with the GSR Pro strap. GSR is a remarkable name in the paintball industry. It is the most well known strap to provide you ultimate comfort and reliability.

You will have one of the best optical clarity with Dye i5. It comes with a tirodial horizon lens. It is an anti-fog lens with a 290 degree peripheral vision both for vertical and horizontal perspective. The multi-directional ventilation allows seamless airflow around your entire head. Its ventilation process follows such architecture that there will be smooth dissipation of heat and humidity outside the mask. You will feel refreshed all the time. Also, you can enjoy an entirely obstruction free communication process.

This is a very lightweight mask. It is featured with soft foam that can absorb sweat at any level. In case, you are facing any problems with the existing foam and lens, you can easily replace them with a 10 sec change. Dye i5 is unbeatable when it comes to performance and reliability. It is comfortable, lightweight and very professional to wear. Moreover, it is ideal for POV or GoPro mount as well.


  • Anti fog mask.
  • Distortion free clarity.
  • 10 sec to change the lens.
  • GSR Pro strap.
  • Replaceable foam and lens.
  • Peripheral vision for both horizontal and vertical.


  • People with smaller heads won’t find it soothing.
  • Your forehead and back side of the head can remain exposed to open air.

9. Empire Paintball Helix – (Best Paintball Mask Under 50)

Empire Paintball Helix Thermal Lens

Empire Paintball Helix is my reviewed second paintball mask from the brand Empire. There must be a reason why I chose to review two different models from the Empire, right? The Empire Helix is purely an untouchable paintball goggle in terms of comfort and advancement. It is an ideal mask for long term use. And comes with all the modern features of extreme comfortability.

Empire Helix provides a dual pane thermal lens. The thermal lens offers a fog free environment all the time. You can enjoy your paintball experience without having to pay a price to the foggy shades. The foam inside is associated with dual density. Unlike other paintball masks, it offers better comfort and easy breathability.

However, this is a rigid plastic mask that may seem problematic for some people. And due to this characteristic, it may not offer enough bouncing. But, since this has been a choice for better flexibility and long term use by many, these factors shouldn’t be a problem at all. It will be your great company during the worst environment.

It comes with a visor shield; that will firmly protect your forehead. While most paintball masks fail to offer such amenability, Empire Helix does win the credit. You can easily change the lens as per your requirement; which is of course very easy to do. Two colored venting straps are available with this model – Black and Grey. Overall, this is a budget friendly mask made to meet up your occasional gaming enthusiasm. In order to go for professional competitions, you might want to switch your selection.


  • Dual Pane thermal lens.
  • Easy replacement of the lens.
  • Comfortable and upgradable.
  • Fog proof.
  • Budget friendly.


  • Old model compared to modern paintball masks.

Features to Choose Paintball Masks for Aiming

Best Paintball Mask Features

While paintball goggles are occupying the industry, it is not always easy to select the best paintball mask. Especially if you are not aware of certain factors, you will lose the opportunity to get a quality mask. Hence, in the next section, I am highlighting the major factors you should be aware of before purchasing your next paintball mask.


Comfort is the first thing that comes to mind while buying a paintball mask. You don’t want to spend a certain amount of money just to have a gadget that doesn’t provide you with proper flexibility, do you?

A good paintball mask should fit properly on your head. If it rotates or gets loosen while playing, you may have the worst experience with paintball. In the meantime, it should have proper ventilation support to let the air through. It will make sure you have good communication outside. Also, do focus on the strap. A nice strap system will allow you to adjust the mask evenly. Last but not the least, make sure you get a quality padded foam. Most of the time, comfort inside your mask depends on the elements of the foam it comes with.

Also, make sure your mask is not entirely rigid. Otherwise, it won’t be able to bounce paintballs and you will feel heavy impacts upon your face.


Because Paintball is entirely a vision dependent sport, you should be serious about that one while purchasing your paintball mask. If a paintball mask doesn’t come with a quality lens, it is sure to face doom in the field.

Make sure your paintball mask lens can afford a wide field of vision. The best way to ensure that is to get a lens that provides an f.o.v from 260 degrees to 290 degrees. Also, don’t get too cheap on your paintball. If you spend a few more bucks, you will get high end lenses which can offer you a distortion free optical view. You will know these spherical lenses are your best decision once you wear them.

While, in the field, there is a high possibility that you may sweat. This happens most of the time. The solution to this problem is to get a thermal lens. This lens will ensure your face remains cool until you take it off Also, having a thermal lens won’t be enough these days. While playing in the field, you cannot just take off your mask as per your need. Professional competitions require you to wear the mask until the event is complete. Hence, you will need an anti-fog lens that will help you to keep the sight clear all the time. And it will remove unwanted fog from your view.

So, make sure your lens provides you proper clarity, a spherical field of view. And it is also a fog resistant thermal lens. These will help you to have a proper vision in your game.


You don’t want to buy a paintball mask that cannot offer you a certain time of service. While most paintball players think that the more you spend money on your paintball mask, the better service you get, that’s not always true.

You need to make sure that your paintball mask is made with proper quality materials. Or elements that are durable enough to give you a long term service. The cons are most players confuse durable elements with hard and stiff product elements. You may think for a second that the harder the material, the more durable it is. But stiff materials will also lead you to less bounce or no bouncing at all.

Hence there are high end masks that are built with highly durable but less hard materials, always aim for those.


Another important thing that you should never forget is the weight of your paintball mask. A paintball mask that weighs more than 2.5 lb will become your burden more than your necessary accessory.
Make sure your paintball mask is made of materials are made of materials that are light yet strong enough. A heavy mask will become nothing but a burden for you in the field. Playing with such a heavy thing on the head may cause you to lose your competition. All you have to do is look for a mask that weighs not more than 2 lb. A paintball mask with that weight will not only be so easy for you to handle but also be a companion to your flexible movement.


It is the major duty of a paintball mask to ensure safety to your ear and other sensitive parts. When a paintball hits, your ear might face harsh impacts which can be, to some extent, dangerous to your ear.

Hence, make sure your paintball mask is capable enough to provide proper safety to your ears. Just to be on the safe side, go with the mask that comes with padded protection for ears. This may cause you a few bucks extra but it will ensure proper safety to your hearing parts.

Air Flow

Airflow is another primary factor you should never forget. When you participate in a paintball competition, in most cases, you have to wear it for a long time. Hence, if your mask doesn’t provide proper ventilation support, you will feel suffocated inside. Wearing the mask for more than ten minutes will become challenging for you let alone playing the full competition.

Moreover, having a proper ventilation support on the front will help you to have proper communication with your teammates. And this process will also cool down the hot air inside your mask and make you feel refreshed enough.

UV Protection

A paintball competition will require you to stay under the sun for a long time. This may seem very enjoyable at first but being exposed to sunlight for too long can cause serious damage to your eyes. This is, in fact, more harmful if, by any means, you accidentally look toward the sun. This will not only ruin your instant act it can also damage your eyesight also.

Most of the masks in the market provide UV protection. The best way to be safe is to buy one of the paintball masks that are UV protective.


A good strap is another solution to your comfortability. Straps help you to adjust the mask around your head. However, make sure, straps are built with quality material so that they don’t cause any irritation.

Keep in mind, a single strap is fine but double straps are even better. With double straps, you will have support from both vertical and horizontal perspectives. You will find a lot of masks in my review list that will offer you nice strap support.

Chin Strap

Chinstrap is an additional strap that provides players with extra support against slippage and sweats. Not many paintball masks in the market come with this extra added facility. In fact, not all paintball players want it. However, having a chin strap will make sure, the mask stays fit to your face while you are having a harsh fight or so.


This might seem a bit professional. Visors are for those who prefer an eagle eye view as their field of view. It helps you to narrow down your vision and look straight. This feature is for those who prefer to have a very sharp target in the game field.

However, visors provide extra support from sunlight, rain also. In fact, to some extent, your lens will be less affected if your paintball has a visor. I suggest you should go for the masks that come with a visor.


Vents are the most important part of your paintball mask. Have a proper vent system, you will play freely for a long time. However, mess up with the vents and you will regret that.

Most paintball masks come with front side vents. This allows you to have proper airflow from inside to outside and keep the environment inside your mask cool. However, there are many paintball masks that also offer vents on each side. This allows you to have soothing airflow around your entire head. I personally prefer players should go with the paintball masks that offer front and each side vents.


Quality materials matter if you are focusing on long term use. Materials decide how long your mask can offer service, how comfortability it can provide. Also, how easy it will be for you to wear the mask for a long period of time.

Hence, make sure your paintball mask is made of quality materials. Most players think that the more they spend money, the better the mask they will get. Well, this is not entirely true. You can have a mask made with quality elements in an average value as well.


Make sure the mask you are about to purchase is going to fit your head. Too big or too small mask will be nothing but a waste of time and money, and also a disaster in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does the paintball mask come with the lens?

Yes. All most all manufacturers provide a built-in lens with their paintball masks. As lens are the most vital parts in a paintball mask (In fact, a paintball mask is useless without a lens), hence manufacturers take the reliability to provide a good lens with the product.

However, if you prefer another lens that you think is more suitable to you, feel free to replace your built in lens with the new ones.

paintball mask with lens

2. How to protect yourself during the paintball game?

An important factor to keep in mind during a paintball game is the distance you keep from your teammates. The force of impact will increase with the distance you have from your opponent. The closer you get, the harder you will get hit. Hence, maintain a safe distance from your fellow team members. Also, keep your eyes open to keep in pace with every moves your opponent takes.

3. Why do you need a paintball mask?

In a paintball festival, players are engaged in throwing paintballs from one player to another. These paintballs are made of different water soluble dye materials. They are not harmful to your skin. However, when they are thrown from a certain distance with force, it may have noticeable effects on your skin; such as bruises and scars. Hence, to protect yourself from these types of welts, you need to wear a paintball mask.

4. Does it come with a chin strap?

Chinstrap is an additional protection for your paintball mask. It provides extra support for the slippery head and against sweat. Not all the paintball masks in the market come with chin strap. However, some models in the paintball industry come with chin strap and you should look for one if planning to get in professional tournaments.

5. How well can you breathe in the paintball mask?

It depends on how well the ventilation support of your paintball mask provides. Every paintball masks come with proper ventilation support that provides you to breathe freely. However, for added support, some paintball masks come with advanced vents on different sides of the mask.

6. Can you wear a paintball mask with glasses?

Yes, you can wear glasses with a paintball mask if the mask is designed in such a way. Make sure your chosen mask meets up your personal preference once you buy them.

7. What’s the difference between the anti-fog lens and the thermal lens?

Anti fog lens is a single pane lens that prevents fog from building up inside a paintball mask. However, the thermal lens is a dual pane lens and they provide more support against heat, UV ray and other harmful factors.

8 How to stop paintball masks from fogging?

You can use anti-fog spray. Once you spray the mist of anti-fog spray over your lens, it will prevent fog from developing inside your mask. However, you can also use a thermal lens based mask as well.

9. How to clean a paintball mask?

You can use a micro-fiber cloth to clean your paintball mask. Give it a single or double swipe once you are done having a heavy paintball fight. Also for the lens, use a good lens cleaner spray.

10. Can I use a paintball mask for Airsoft?

Yes, you can use your paintball mask for airsoft. Paintball masks are developed to withstand strong impacts, hence making it an ideal selection for airsoft as well.

Final Verdict

Paintball masks are genuinely your crying need when it comes to a safe game play. It not only helps you to have a nice and clean sport, but you can also be safe from unwanted bruises and scars by using a paintball mask. But the road to a good paintball mask is not easy unless you have knowledge about proper selection and other important factors regarding a paintball mask.

My article will give you a full walk through about 9 best paintball mask and what you should be concerned about while purchasing a quality paintball mask.

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