Airsoft VS Paintball

Airsoft vs Paintball Which is more fun? (Difference and Comparison)

The airsoft vs paintball game which is better and more fun? This kind of contradiction has been going on for a long time among gaming enthusiasts. This controversy comes on open field science peoples are starting to play them on the ground.  Still, this is unsolved because of gamers choosing the position from their own … Read more

Paintball Tips for Beginners

11 Break Down Strategy Tips for Paintball Beginners (Tactics and Tricks)

Professional paintballers never forgot their first day of Paintballing alike we never forgot our first day at school. Paintball’s popularity is being superior day by day. Every sport has some rules. Before you get started with paintball, you need to be aware of some tips and tricks. I am going to elucidate some Paintball Tips … Read more

What to wear for paintball

What to wear for paintball : 2020 Paintballing Detailed Guides

Paintball is a game that requires tactical and physical skills. Since this is a shooting sport with direct physical contact, safety is a fascicle considering the issue. But inherently, people often avoid protective gear and are willing to invest for guns under 300. Anyone can be seriously injured for the lack of proper protection. In … Read more

How to clean a paintball mask

7 Ways How To Clean Paintball Mask (Tips & Tricks)

The longevity of equipment depends on how good it will be maintained. Certainly, the paintball players should not be forgotten this.  Give pressure on your memory for a second, you will clearly see that muds, paint colors, and water stuck all over you after you finished the game, even worse than that. Yes, this will … Read more

How to choose a paintball gun

How do I choose a paintball gun? 5 Steps Depth Guides 2020

A marker is an unavoidable tool for a paintball game. You can’t attend a paintball competition without this tool. But, how do you pick the right one for a game among top markers? Go through the entire write up for getting the answers to all possible queries on how to choose a paintball gun? Quick … Read more

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