Empire Axe Review: A Quality Paintball Marker 2020

Are willing to buy a perfect paintball marker with fantastic quality and mind-blowing shooting features. Then end up your search with Empire Axe Paintball Gun is an ace product for you. A high-quality gun with an appealing price tag is the best part of this gun.

Simple to use and most accurate shooting points are some of the fantastic features of the Empire Axe Paintball Marker is the most trusted and preferred paintball marker.

Also, the Empire Axe Upgrade is the best-upgraded version of this paintball marker. The Empire Axe is more stylish, modish along with a lengthy grip. Even it ensures smooth shooting sessions without any hassle, even for long hours.

However, this gun is easy to maintain, and especially cleaning of this gun is quite simple. An easy to upgrade makes this gun a choicest product. Empire Paintball Guns are the best woodsball guns available in the market place.

Significant Features of Empire Axe Paintball Gun

Weather Resistant Is Advantage

A perfect gun with easy usability in all the weather conditions is crucial. The user can even enjoy the sport during the rainy season, which is the best part of this gun. Certainly, the waterproof sealed battery ensures no water issues in the gun in the wet weathers. So, Empire Axe Marker is an all-season sports accessory.

Fore Grip

The comfortable gripping is one of the best features of the Axe Paintball Gun. It ensures that the player can hold the gun for a long time hassle-free or inconvenience. The frame and structure of the marker; thoughtfully crafted which provides excellent grip for holding the gun even for longer hours.

Durability And Reliability

The Empire Axe; with a durable and reliable body. It is made entirely of aluminum material. It ensures that this gun will last for a long time.  However, it even can tackle all kind of situation from severe to the extreme pressure situation. It is the best licking and ticking gun with less moving parts that ensure fewer breakdowns in the product.


It is a prime characteristic of any paintball marker. The Empire Paintball Gun is very efficient and also uses a small amount of air to push the bolt. The fire selector switch is the best feature of this gun. It gives more accuracy and shooting experience to the players.

Lightweight Axe Paintball Gun

Paintball players give the heavy gun with pro features less preference because handling is bulky marker is robust. Therefore, the Empire Axe is light in weight which makes it more easily accessible for long hours. Even after playing for the entire day, the player won't feel burdened and tired out from the adventure.

Loud With Sound

The noisy marker creates lots of issues. This Axe Paintball Marker has low PSI that ensures low to no noise on the battlefield. This helps in setting targets more quickly and efficiently without alerting or alarming the other players.

Warranty Is Mandatory

The company provides ample of time to the players to test and check the Axe Paintball Gun. The full 30-days period is given to figure out that if the player is satisfied with the features and functions.

Return-Back Policy

The best part of this Empire Paintball Gun is its return back along with full payment refund. The player if not satisfied with the usage of the Empire Axe, can simply apply for return-back and will get a refund along.

Design and Structure

The Axe Paintball Gun is sleek along with a subtle surface texture. The Empire Axe Marker assures the top quality design with a useful mechanism of the advanced paintball gun. Furthermore is a stylish Empire Axe gun in the pocket-friendly budget that is suitable for beginners and pro players as well.

Hose Power Capacity

The Empire Axe Marker does not have hose power issues that make it more comfortable to access for paintball players. In fact, No-leakage or no-broken hose issues saves both energy and time with a maximum of adventure in paintball games.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The cleaning and maintaining of this Axe Paintball Gun; advanced in features and simple in performance. Easily removal of bolt system; needed to be clean at regular intervals to ensure the proper functioning of the Empire Axe. By pushing the bolt button, it will open hassle-free and easily cleaned as well.

Shooting Quality

The shooting quality of this Empire Axe Maker is appreciable with accuracy in the target. It can fire quickly with fewer efforts, high velocity, and more accurately. The shooting via Empire Paintball Gun is smoother to operate.

Quick Glance at Features

  1. Weather-resistant along with waterproof and well-sealed battery door.
  2. Enhanced fore grip and Grip frame for best and improved comfort.
  3. Redline OLED with enhanced support.
  4. The in-line bolt system is easily removable by the touch of a button.
  5. Relay ASA is improved.
  6. Easy to clean double eye system.
  7. Built-in the air channel.
  8. Improved accuracy and efficiency with the two-piece barrel.
  9. The trigger; innovatively designed for a standard trigger guard.
  10. Screw sizes are compact.
  11. All around marker ergonomics are advanced and efficient.
  12. High performance.
  13. Light-weighted.
  14. Quite Working.
  15. Consistent and reliable.
  16. Easy to clean.


  • Extremely quiet.
  • Quick firing sequence.
  • Reliable and durable marker.
  • Easy and quick bolt remover.
  • An excellent level of accuracy.
  • Maintenance is quite easy and simple.
  • Less paint usage than other paintball.
  • Handy toolbox to ensure no hassle in working and using.
  • Best OLED redline.
  • Stylish design and structure.


  • Non-adjustable ASA is a significant issue faced by various owners.
  • A little upgrading needed in the stock barrel.

Significant Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who all can use this gun- beginner, intermediary, or professional?

The best part of this specific Axe Paintball Marker that it is useful for anybody like hobbyist and professionals. From beginners to professional paintball gamers, this Empire Axe Paintball Marker is most opted and preferred choice. The shooting style, body, durability, and features make it the prime Empire Axe Paintball Gun.

2. What is the minimum age for using this Axe Paintball Marker Guns?

Well, the paintball guns are usable by any person of 6- 60 age group. It even depends on the rules of the battlefield ground. Precisely the paintball sport is the fun and entertaining shoot and fire adventure to enjoy by kids, teens, and adults.

3. From where paintball for the marker; purchased?

All the paintball purchased from Paintball Co. Arena. The manufacturer ensures safety and best quality of paintball. In fact, this also provides the protection of all the paintball players significantly more prior. Paintball manufactured with non-toxic materials that enable no harm over the skin and the environment.

4. Is Chrono important?

Indeed! The chronograph is crucial at battlefields without which players are not allowed to enter the battleground. Some limitations followed for permitting the markers in such games.

5. Which is the better gun mini or updated axe?

Operating of both the guns is entirely similar. What differentiates both is the size of the hand of the player. However, the key factor for determining the kind of gun. The mini is a quite smaller axe. In fact, the person with large hands should prefer an axe while the shorthand person should use mini. It ensures complete comfort and convenience.

Final Thoughts

The Empire Paintball Review-found at multiple places, but honest reviews are those that high lights the feature of this gun. However, the Empire Axe Paintball Marker is a comfortable and highly effective marker gun. The Empire Paintball Gun is accurate in shooting and targeting with optimum speed.

The Empire Axe can achieve far off targets without alarming the other players. It is a durable and highly functional product that works with ease. The consistency and comfortable holding make this marker an ace product.

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