7 Ways How To Clean Paintball Mask (Tips & Tricks)

The longevity of equipment depends on how good it will be maintained. Certainly, the paintball players should not be forgotten this. 

Give pressure on your memory for a second, you will clearly see that muds, paint colors, and water stuck all over you after you finished the game, even worse than that. Yes, this will all happen after every game you play. 

Better to keep cleaning your every paintball stuff to make it capable for the long run. But, most players limited the cleaning to their paintball guns. This isn’t the right decision for sports lovers. 

Alongside, your paintball gun it’s hardly important to clean your paintball mask. Why it’s so important? During the game, you have to face many challenges where your mask is getting foggy, nasty with muds, and paintball colors. That’s why if you don’t clean your mask properly before your next game, then remember you surely lose the game for bad vision.

So, let me guide you step by step on how to clean a paintball mask? This guide helps you to reduce the chance of losing. 

How to Clean Your Paintball Mask (7 Steps)

1. Necessary Tools List

Few cleaning your paintball mask you may need some necessary products. Those products aren’t so hard to collect. They are available one your local market or your home. 

2. Remove Lens for Technical Inspection

Before starting the cleaning you need to remove the lens for a quick inspection. If you use a pricy or cheap paintball mask that’s nothing to worry about. It’s pretty easy to remove and inspect. Basically, the lens is the softest and fragile part of the mask. So, you should take good care of it. 

Try to hold the lens 5 to 10 minutes to the sunlight, if any scratch or damage happened you will notice it quickly. Edge is the most affected area, that’s why examine every edge thoroughly.

If the examination shows up any crack or damage, don’t hesitate to replace it immediately with a small cost. It’s not a fact that the crack it small or deep. If you don’t replace on time remember your next game shot will break the lens and you will be unprotected to continue and nothing can do from you. 

3. Clean the Lens

When you finish the inspection you are ready to go for the next step. 

You can use water to clean the lens. The manufactures allow using paints cleaner, microfiber, or soft cloths.

Remember don’t use your home cleaner, they contain high power chemicals that can damage the lens as well as make the lens foggy. Also, never use hot water and towels to wipe the dirt and paints of the lens.

If you want to keep safe and long-lasting uses of your lens, then do as what the manufacturer said. 

4. Clean The ExteriorPaintball Mask

It’s very common that the outside of the mask is polluted with paint splatter, muds, dirt, or other debris.

You can simply remove them by washing the mask in warm tap water or kitchen hose. But, don’t give too much pressure on water, because it can cause damage to the lens and mask. Paintball is water-soluble so, you don’t need too much water pressure to clean the mask. Be concern that you keep the water pressure level is mid or low and wash every area thoroughly. 

Once you finish the wash, let it dry. You can use the cloth or towel to dry, but I think it not a wise decision. Besides that you can use a microfiber cloth to clean the entire outsides. Microfiber easily exploits the water. 

If any paint or dirt remains in the mask, then spray a few lens cleaners on the mask. After that wipe it with a microfiber cloth to complete the task. 

5. Clean The Interior

Time to clean the interior parts of your mask. Not much difficult as outside. It’s pretty easy to clean because the inside isn’t affected much during the game.

But you shouldn’t less your guard down. Though the inside parts are well protected the surface can mess a little with paints. The inside parts of a thermal lens are more sensitive then outside. So, you need to be more careful to clean your mask inside compare to the outside. 

If you use a single pane lens that is more durable and long-lasting then the thermal lens, you also need to be careful about cleaning. You can simply wash through the warm tap water, but it may wet a little bit in the inside. 

For better solution spray a little bit of lens cleaner in the microfiber and slowly wipe the mask inside through it. Alongside, Take a toothbrush and spray on it then use it to clean the corner and where it’s difficult to reach. It will clean perfectly and ensure no paints or dirt. 

6. Inspect The Lens Again

If you finish all the process then inspect the lens again. Sometimes you didn’t see any scratch or damage in the beginning. 

Or there has the possibility of damage or break without your knowledge during the cleaning.

It’s better to check the lens properly again after finishing the cleaning process.  

7. Transport Mask Safely

You shouldn’t miss the safeness of your mask when transporting or carrying it. In spite of carrying it with your hand, you can use any protective carrying case or that the mask comes with. Otherwise, your mask can scratch or damage easily on go. 

Though most of the mask has its own carrying case or there is always an extra area on your paintball bag for the mask. 

If you don’t have those you can use a pillowcase or you use a regular bag to carry your paintball gears. Try to put the mask on top of everything else to avoid unwanted scratch. 

After coming back home separate every gear from the bag and especially remove the lens from the mask. Let the mask and lens wash with the soap and warm tap water, for good results use a toothbrush it helps you to clean the corner and where your hands don’t reach. 

Steven Miller

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