Top 5 Best Milsim Paintball Guns in 2021 [Top Rated]

Paintball is the most adventurous and family fun game among peoples. Many myths are conventional in this field. Whatever, You shouldn’t fall for them. Though this a perfect way to spend your free time but wouldn't be good enough if you didn't test the military-style in your life. Yes! Those days this is possible with market best milsim paintball guns.

Those guns are the fascinating things that look real when gripped by players. If you are also the fan of playing paintball games to explore like army solitaire then boost your active mode through magfed guns.

Today, in this blog, we will discuss the real mechanism of enjoyment. As many manufacturers are making various kinds of paintball guns, but still choosing the best removes your sweat. These mag feeds come in a pretty realistic look, with versatile features and playful mechanisms to get next-level experience.

However, You are a pro or amateurs into a paintball game you will love to sense realism and use more different designed paintball guns.

A Quick Comparison Table:


Editor Rating


Where to Buy

First Strike T15 PDW Paintball Marker

First Strike T15 PDW

5 out of 5


First Strike T15 Paintball Marker

First Strike T15

4.5 out of 5


Dye Dam Assault Matrix Paintball Marker

Dye Dam Assault Matrix

4 out of 5


Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker


5 out of 5


GI Sportz Tippmann Paintball Gun

GI Sportz Tippmann

4.5 out of 5


Top 5 Best Milsim Paintball Guns Of 2021

When it comes to picking the top-notch milsim paintball guns people get confused after seeing many options. People disappear without just looking for basic features and reviews.

But crucial is to search them and know top to bottom before making a buying decision. Below I listed top 5 milsim paintball guns. 

1. First Strike T15 PDW


  1. The excellent Paintball Marker that is ergonomic with grip and convenient handling.
  2. It made up of quality aluminum, that makes it more durable and lightweight.
  3. Inherits with the 19/20 Continuous Feed Magazines.
  4. The capacity of the aluminum tank is 13ci 3000psi, that is quite reliable.
  5. Milsim Marker T15 designed with dual feed system, quick hopper mode, and expeditious magazine mode.
  6. It is user-efficient and pocket-friendly as to get the maximum of entertainment.

The FS T15-PDW by Tiberius Arms is a most expressive semi-automatic paintball gun. It comes with two standard positions of PDW carbon stock with an easily detachable mount. This firmly came with swivel mounts and made up of lightweight aluminum that makes it durable in structure.

It inherits a 7-inch hand-guard and as well as 8/12 inches barrel length with raging Donkey Barrel Tip. The FS-T15 milsim paintball marker is also installed with flip front, rear sight Picatinny and other accessories. For more enjoyment with this paintball marker, you can buy an auto-adjustable drop-in which is suitable for CQB application.


  • Completely air operated.
  • lightweight aluminum body.
  • It has floating hand guard.


  • Hopper Adapter is missing.

2. First Strike T15


  1. Comes with real .68 caliber 1-1 AR Platform.
  2. Lightweight so is easy to grip and handy while making fun targets over other fighters.
  3. Installed with quad-rail hand guard, 13ci tank/stock combo, with 2-pin that are easy to detach and attach.
  4. Comes with rigged hard case, and two extra magazines.
  5. First Strike T15 is semi-automatic Milsim Paintball Marker with collapsible PDW stock.
  6. Inherits 7 inches easy handling aluminum hand guard, 8.5 inches lapso bore barrel with a raging donkey barrel tip.
  7. Paintball comes in matte black finish look, that makes it appear more real.

This is the ultimate looking paintball gun by Tiberium Arms. This brand is firmly known for the manufacturing of mag fed paintball rifles. The realistic black appearing gaming gun comes with a true .68 caliber 1 to 1 AR platform. It is a lightweight paintball gun, made up of cast aluminum that gives it reliable durability.

This T15 milsim paintball gun is not only hopper-fed but also a magazine-fed paintball gear. The action milsim paintball marker installed with useful accessories to layout the gaming experience in a better way. It maintains the maximum of tactical exercises with convenient handling because of the ergonomic design.

The paintball gun is extensive in features and one of the most picked paintball rifles by players. Precisely, if you are a serious paintball player and want to take your game to the next level or someone who wants a strong mag fed gun, then this is the most trustable one.


  • It's very well built and accurate.
  • Tank is easier to use.
  • Weather Supported.
  •  Tiberius Arms is very good.
  • It has solid foam lined case.
  • Comes with rigged hard case, and two extra magazines.


  • Design have some in-built flaws.
  • Adaptor is expensive.
  • Mag-Fed and Hopper-Fed Systems, breaches.

3. Dye Dam Assault Matrix


  1. Installed with On-The-Fly-Switch, flip system.
  2. Designed thoughtfully with Fast release blot.
  3. Easy shift from Magazine-Fed Mode to Loader-Fed Mode.
  4. Added features is hyper regulator, clamping feedback, etc.
  5. The Milsim Paintball Gun is semi-automatic, with professional style trigger frame and ambidextrous magazine release mode.
  6. Offers Three-Round Burst And Fully-Automatic Firing Mode.
  7. Comes with hard case, two additional magazines, and a repair kit to keep it maintained.
  8. The Dye Dam Assault Matrix Paintball Marker weights about 5.5 pounds, with one 9V battery.

This is one of the best mag fed paintball guns and most expensive as well. Phenomenally, this gaming gear is equipped with semi-automatic magazine mode that makes it more versatile. This specific milsim paintball marker works with ease for three-round burst mode and fully-automatic firing mode.

The Dye Dam Assault Matrix paintball marker inherits the On-The Fly-Switch to quickly switch the magazine-fed to a loader. It was even installed with skillful handling mode in magazine release. With standard picatinny rails it allows users to customize or install different attachments.

Furthermore, within the advancement in specifications this gun offers Reach Trigger, Hyper 3 Regulator, tactical Sticky Grips, and Claiming FeedNeck. It can even enhance the gaming experience more adventurous with the addition of other accessories.


  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Easy to switch fire modes.
  • high quality dye ultra-lite.
  • It has ability to switch mag fed to hopper.
  • Battery are easy to inserted and charged.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • Heavier than other extensive models in same range.
  • Noisy while firing.

4. Tippmann TMC MAGFED 


  1. It is ergonomic in structure, and thoughtful in design, with best paintball gaming modes.
  2. Fully ambidextrous and Pneumatic Milsim Paintball.
  3. Comes with Dual-Feed Mode, so can switch on hopper or magazine fed anytime.
  4. User-efficient and pocket-efficient with an ideal weight of 6.5 pounds.
  5. It is an authentic MagFed Milsim Marker with Tactical Carbine, Easy-pull trigger, Adjustable-Sights, Integrated Sling Mounts, and 4-Sided Pica tinny Rails.
  6. Also inherits 12-inches high-performance barrel, with muzzle brake, 2-position external selector, 20 round spring driven magazines, etc.

This one of the extensive milsim paintball gear with high performance and features. It comes with a unique blot system and dual-feed modes that offer easy shuffle for both hopper and magazine fed. The Tippmann TMC MAGFED is a perfect pneumatic paintball with a smoother grip.

While gaming with this best milsim paintball gun, you can experience a real AR15 rifle shoot into the target. The gun comes with fledged features that make it more ergonomic and authentic.

It is light in weight yet durable in quality as made up of quality rubber and aluminum. It is well equipped with the easy-pull trigger, high-performance barrel-muzzle break, and stainless-steel gas line. The mode of the selector and switching with collapsible stock sounds more realistic, which makes it a popular milsim paintball gun.

The milsim marker is designed with adjustable sights and a sling mounts with 4-sided Picatinny rails. It is user-friendly and looks real in appearance, advanced in features with the suitable price tag.


  • Magazine are cheap and strong.
  • Identical to and AR/M4 feel.
  • There are no ugly gas line.
  • Lightweight maker.
  • Tons of upgrade option.
  • This marker incredibly sturdy.
  • The velocity rang is slightly better.


  • The gas tank looses while firing and playing.

5. GI Sportz Tippmann


  1. Tactical Compact Rifle.
  2. Flip Top Sights, Folding Front Vertical Handle.
  3. It is user-efficient, with easy to play and manual with features in paintball play.
  4. Offers ergonomic handling with flexibility in functions and adjustable modes.
  5. Comes with Dual-Feed Capacity, Flip Sights, Co2 Cartridges.
  6. Remote-Line Adapter, and Mag Carrier.

If you are looking for an advanced tactical compact rifle, this Tippmann paintball milsim is a reliable choice to pick. This is real-time next-level paintball gear that offers versatility in the shooting.

The GI Sportz Tippmann comes with two additional 12-ball Extended Mag, and 7-ball Magazine. It even offers realistic play using Co2 Cartridges or hap with a dual-feed capability.

You can quickly shift the mugged mode to hopper depending on your shooting capability. Its ultra-flexible convenient handle assists you to grip comfortably on the battlefield. This is one the easy to use and accessible marker in budget-friendly cost with reliable features.

The GI Sportz is durable in quality and high in performance and you can easily carry it in the middle of the game. This is one of the ideal CQB paintball guns with a remote line adaptor. Overall, this compact milsim marker lies in the category of PDW.


  • Durable in quality.
  • light in weight, and quite compact in size.
  • High-in performance, to strike and target.
  • Suitable for those who are into fixed budget range.


  • Good only for Pro and experts.
  • Often leaks, so need ideal cleaning, greasing and maintenance.

Buying Guide of The Best Milsim Paintball Guns

As there are many companies that released different designs milsim paintball guns, installed with all elementary features. Still picking up the right gun will be the most challenging issue for gamers. 

If you are still struggling to pick the best milsim paintball guns, then check the buying guides I mention here for your better understanding.  

Need Over The Requirement

It is easy to get confused with the availability of milsim markers in the market. Whatever is your buying space prior is to look for the personal needs, then for the game. Even relying on one product without research can be less effective. So always consider features and its extras.

The wholesome market is occupied by a variety of milsim paintball markers. If you are a beginner, then check it out from the primary features with reliable performance. Though, a pro hobbyist should go with fledged comprehensive milsim paintball.

If you are confused with initial features and new into this sport, then do visit the local sports shop or read my reviews. Consultancy with market surveys helps you to understand in getting the right paintball milsim gun. 

Consumer reports are a crucial step to know the basic to optimum features, functions, and performance. Feedback of buyers will help you in the best way to understand the productive specifications.

Quick Consultancy With Professionals

When it comes to authentic performance, stable quality, and great features professionals play a crucial role. Expert advice is never a waste while reviewing any product before you buy including milsim paintball marker. If you are not aware of the standard and required features in paintball guns, then read professional reviews before.

Thus seeks expert detailing about the available options that offer a chance to get the best milsim paintball gun. After getting an honest reviewing from experts what you have expected will get a rightful investment gaming gun. You can also take the help of those friends of yours who are into this paintball gaming or know about it.

Seeking Budget-Friendly

No use of buying a milsim paintball gun with fewer features or ordinary modes at more cost. Fix your plans with the budget, as there are ample choices available in the market for paintball gears. There is a wide range of price tags in milsim markers, starting from $40 to more or above. It is essential to know your willing budget, with the highest of recommendation for investing in a paintball gun.

It is advisable, that if you are a beginner first look for cheap milsim paintball with all basic features. To have fun and enjoyment with little practice on such games can be done with an affordable paintball gun. However, if you are a hobbyist or a real pro, then understand your need as prior and further the amount.

Within the range of choice in specifications, it is never claimed that high-price will get the maximum number of playful actions. Overspending is something that can fool your wisdom, especially when you are a newbie into this sport.

Choosing Guidelines

  • Better is to know the types of milsims paintball guns with an extensive range of features, performance, and different operational modes. You should pick the latest design and budget-friendly milsim marker depending on mechanical modes, versatility in features and structure.
  • If you are into a competitive game, then go for electro-pneumatic markers as these are the best milsim paintball guns on market. These are quite different from the standard mechanical guns available in the market, with high-tech features and well-programmed modes. These are high performance electronic paintball milsim but often they need maintenance.
  • Milsim paintball guns are easy to use and customizable indeed for gaming and multi-purpose. The versatility with high-frequency Paintball gears and guns is never endless when you have a lot of customization options. But for such additional features as per the need, you need a big investing schedule. When I’m highlighting the best milsim paintball guns for beginners, then customized guns are reliable options.
  • Easy modes and adjustable features of the guns make them the most picked milsim markers. User-efficient interface with an excellent performance makes the gaming experience better and simple especially for newbies. The more complexity and less flexibility, the low is the popularity of that milsim paintball gun. As these are gaming tools a safety mechanism is also a parameter you need to keep in mind. The convenience and adjustability while playing with milsim paintball make the experience easy.
  • Additional support of other paintball milsim gears, maintenance kit and manual with a reliable brand warranty also plays an essential role.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much should I spend on milsim paintball?

Paintball guns come in various designs, features, and price range to look for before investing. As to make a wise decision as a beginner buys below 100$. Though as a hobbyist or pro, get the overall range you can afford but within all features and modes for a better gaming experience.

2. How many types of paintball marker?

Well there are ample Paintball guns available in the market like Hopper Fed, Electric Hopper Fed, Mechanicals, and more. Even the Magazine Fed is a new trend into a decent price range.

Gaming gears with hidden gas tanks makes them more real in look and popular. However, other efficient tools like motion feeds, firearm handles and speedball MilSim chooses to buy.

3. How often should I play for paintball games?

Paintball gaming has its advantages and disadvantages. Make sure that you are not wasting your time from other activities like studying, working, etc. Schedule yourself accordingly.

In fact, if you are a beginner into this sport, then play and practice as prior as if you are willing for sponsorship. Little steps will definitely boost your skills and make you a Pro Paintball Player to enter big leagues.

Final Thought

Precisely time has come, where we have to end up the whole informative blogging about the best milsim paintball guns. We hope our reviewing and buyers guide will help you with the maximum of knowledge about the milsim markers. As there is a massive choice in brands and structural guns, a rightful pick with in-depth information will profit your money with extensive experience and enjoyment.

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