Best Paintball Barrel Maid 2020

In the paintball community, what do we usually talk about? I think we talk most about paintball markers, hoppers, tanks, the ammo and masks. 

But we don’t pay as much attention to our swab and squeegee. Though swabs are as important as the marker, somehow it slips our mind— until the moment it is needed. 

Many of you are perhaps aware that cleaning the barrel is connected to your accuracy. So, you spend a little time to find a perfect squeegee for your barrel. 

Unfortunately, not all the swab squeegees work as well as they say and your job becomes harder than you think. I am here to make your job easy! I did in dept review to find the best squeegees and swabs for you. 

However, every paintball player needs at least one swab to clean the barrel perfectly. So, take a look at the reviews to know what is it that actually makes the Best Paintball Barrel Maid. 

In the long run, you can probably spend less time and money to find a perfect barrel swab.

Let’s take a look and see-

Here are my 5 Best Paintball Squeegees (Maid) List

1. Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab

After using Exalt Paintball Barrel Maid Swab, you won’t want to change it. Its outstanding design and features make it one of the finest barrel maids. 

At first glance, it was like other squeegee cleaners. But its versatility and cleaning technology is much better. Yes, half of this gun barrel squeegee is as usual, but the other half of the swab stick called “Rocket Disk” is simply amazing. 

Now you may think what is “Rocket Disk”, right? The “Rocket Disk” is nothing but a sealed and expandable funnel to wipe out everything on its way when you pull it back. This rubber-based funnel sits on the edge of the plastic framework and works basis on the contact, whether it pushes or pulls. 

Without the hassle of removing the barrel, it cleans every drop of paint and broken shell and ensures a fumble-free firing in the game field.

On the other hand, the barrel buffer is constructed with polymer and natural fiber. It is highly absorbing and also works as a barrel polisher. Moreover, this swyper squeegee is durable, easy to wash and unravel.

2. Empire Paintball Empire BT Battle Swab

Empire BT Battle Swab is one of the premium battle swabs fitted for all barrels. Its unique design and cleaning technology make you capable of cleaning your barrel without wasting your time in the battlefields. 

Why is the Empire BT Battle Swab so perfect? Well, on its excellent length you can push it at the end of the barrel. At the same time, its outstanding foldability allows you to store it in a small back swab pocket, like JT 07 pant pocket. 

The thick and absorbing wool technology will clean broken paint and other dust inside of the barrels. Moreover, this folding squeegee works tremendously in CF barrels and A5 feed systems.

3. Valken Paintball Barrel Swab, Single Folding Swab

Valken Sports is a well-known paintball equipment manufacturer. And today we’re looking at their paintball barrel cleaner, “Valken Paintball Barrel Swab”. 

This Valken barrel swab is quite similar to the Empire’s 2-Pack. It has one straight and one foldable barrel swab maid. But Valken has only one foldable barrel swab and this is the only difference between them. 

This paintball barrel cleaner is a double-ended swab for straight and on-field cleaning. With its fold and straight swab capability, it doesn’t stick to the barrel and swab very quickly. 

The absorbing competency of this paintball barrel swab kit is outstanding. This high-quality swab stick is made from tough and flexible plastic covered with thick swab. It will swab paint and broken shells from ports in barrels. Premium absorbent material will help you to get an accurate shot on a rainy day match by absorbing the water.

4. Exalt Paintball Supreme Swab Barrel Cleaner

Exalt Paintball Supreme Swab Barrel Cleaner is one of the finest straight shot battle swabs. An ultra-strong swab stick covered with a premium swab from both ends absorbs paint, water and works as a barrel polisher. 

This super flexible Exalt Paintball Supreme Swab Barrel Cleaner is constructed and designed with a closely unbreakable polymer shaft. The design has unique features; you can customize it by color and configuration. 

You can use it as a foldable double-ended absorbent swab or dual rocket-disk. Also, you can customize it with one swab and one rocket-disk as well. You just need to pull and replace it according to your desire. 

The natural sheepskin absorbs paint and water when it pushes and pulls out everything on its way back. 

For a clean and accurate shot, it polishes the barrel bore. No doubt it’s a unique benefit of the natural sheepskin. Moreover, the super-premium swyper has an outstanding diameter for all .68 caliber barrels.

5. Virtue Paintball Premium Barrel Swab - 2 Pack

Virtue Paintball Premium Barrel Swab is another ultra-absorbent battle swab closely similar to Empire BT Battle Swab. The only difference between them is Virtue comes with 2 foldable squeegees instead of 1 foldable and 1 straight swab. 

A long rigid rod covered by high absorbent swab in both ends and a few inches are bendable right in the middle. 

This swab frame is constructed with durable plastic materials. For the folding capability, you can store it in a pants pocket even if you have a Jogging CTS Kit. It won’t bother you while carrying it when you’re on the battlefield. 

Yes, it’s right that only the swyper cannot make a good barrel maid, but it’s an essential element to make a perfect battle swab. 

Luckily, Virtue has a thick and super absorbent swab that is actually worth the name “Premium Barrel Swab”. The amazing absorbing technology swabs out every drop of paint and water. 

This barrel swab will give you a quick and effective cleaning experience.


Steven Miller

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