Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun Review (Upgraded 2020)

Buying a new paintball marker is a big responsibility that every player faces. It is because a marker is a primary and basic necessity of the sport. The market however overloaded with a variety of paintball markers but an appropriate gun is only preferable by most of the players.  The search ends with a gun with all advance features and a great mechanism; Spyder Fenix Paintball Marker is the extensive choice.

Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun is a professional paintball marker with all the features and high performance. From the level of accuracy to the maintenance or durability etc. this Paintball gun Spyder is the popular choice. This Paintball Compact Gun is an ace marker that enables better gaming experience and more of adventure.

Spyder Fenix Review Top Features Of Paintball Gun

Reliability Is Crucial

An important feature that a paintball must-have is its Reliability. Spyder Fenix is a perfect partner at the sports field. The Best Spyder Paintball Gun is undoubtedly not going to let you down at the battle field while targeting. The sturdy metal frame of this gun is capable of handling a tough situation on the battlefield. It is highly reliable is crucially a willingness for pro players markers. In fact, the installation of the EKO VALVE ensures the responsiveness of this gun even in the massive firing mode.

Efficiency Is The Need

Along with Reliability, efficiency also plays an essential role in markers usability and the ability of players. The Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun is an efficient, high-performance paintball marker. The Eko Valve system makes the gun not only reliable but practical as well. Less air in the system lets the player shoot up to 1600 balls using 20 Oz of Co2, which is a reasonable shooting rate. This makes this gun highly respectable Spyder Paintball Marker.

Weight Offers High Portability

A heavy gun is not only difficult to handle but also makes player tired in less period in the battlefield. Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun is a light weighted paintball gun that is about 1 pound only. The weight makes carry and targeting utmost ease within significant tactical advantage and adventure. The weight automatically lowers or increases the adventure and experience of the gamer.

Sound If Loud

The heavy, sounded gun makes a lot of noise-making the player uneasy. This gun is quite silent, giving an advantage to the player by making silent shots. Noise is the creation of air pressure drawback in the gun. However, this Spyder Fenix Paintball generates it minimal and too low sound so you can target easily with quietness.

Warranty And Return Policy

Fenix is a one of the oldest and Best Spyder Paintball Gun; even most trusted marker in the market. The company gives a one-year manufacturer warranty over the Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun to test and operate with convenience. If needs repair or replacement the dealing with within the warranty period makes the product plus point for paintball players.

Targeting And Firing Rate

The gun has a fantastic firing rate of about 25 paintballs per second which is measurable and improved aspect. Furthermore, the Spyder Paintball Marker can rapidly fire while targeting the level of accuracy and velocity in paintball games.

Quick Spyder Fenix Review Of Features

  1. Color access mode display
  2. Anti chop system that prevents chopping of paintball
  3. Three ways adjustable magnetic response trigger
  4. Dual textured panels
  5. High impact trigger.
  6. Velocity adjuster
  7. Vertical adapter
  8. Adjustable inline regulator for fast charging.


  • Compact size gun that helps in carrying it around with ease.
  • Reliability improves functionality.
  • Good in grip makes convenient handling for gamers in the battlefield.
  • Accurate shots and aims ability makes it more perfect choice.
  • Affordable And Cheap Spyder Paintball Gun, suitable for every budget player.
  • Accessible to fire and target with the level of accuracy and optimum speed.
  • Ease in maintaining and cleaning offers a longer life of the marker.
  • Excellent customer support facility makes it a wise choice for players to get hassle-free service.
  • Rapid firing without a break gives paintball gamers.


  • The trigger is not very responsive.
  • Very loud.Sounds similar to Planet eclipse Ethra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is this gun suitable for a beginner?

Yes, the gun already loaded with all those features that a beginner is looking forward in an ideal marker. The gun is easy to use and also quite handy. Being Lightly weighted ensures easy holding of the gun.

Question 2: Is this gun semi-automatic?

Of course! The Sypder Fenix Paintball Gun is a semi-auto that ensures achieving the target.

Question 3: Does the gun comes with a battery?

No, the Spyder Paintball Marker gun does not come with a battery but is suggested to have one while using it. It is because the standard 9-volt battery does not last for a more extended period.

Question 4: Is Cheap Spyder Paintball Guns worth buying?

Well, the product offered at a lower price is not cheap always. Though the product is affordable and more economical in price but is highly next level paintball gear with Latest technology.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun is a versatile marker that suits every paintball player from beginner to seasoned veterans. The Sypder Fenix Paintball Marker is highly durable, functional, and useful. The customization and up-gradation feature makes it a perfect partner for players in Cheap Spyder Paintball Guns.

The level of accuracy and range targeting is really amazing that makes it the choicest product of the paintball lover. It is easy to handle, clean, and uses that automatically fetch its productiveness for paintball players.

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