Spyder MR100 Review: A Guide About MR100 Marker

Spyder MR100 continues to offer its services with military-style. In Spyder mr100 review you find out it comes standard with EKO valve technology (patent pending). This feature provides the most excellent source of air efficiency accessible in the paintball market.

The Spyder MR100 is an excellent tactical semi-automatic start marker. However, it allows up to 1600 shots (20 oz CO2) per tank using the patented Spyder EKO valve. Durable structure and reliable technology make it a very easy-to-use marker.

This is an ideal starting marker for everyone participating in the game. Removable folding material and Picatinny rail make it an excellent tactical starting marker.

The Kingman Spyder MR100 is a semi-automatic paintball gun which mainly suggested for basic level players. It is also a useful marker for hobbyist players with a higher level of competitiveness.

The Spyder MR 100 is one of Kingman's most reasonably priced paintball guns for professional players with limited funds. It is even best for those who prefer to use it as a backup paintball gun. This is because of its lightness and accuracy.

Features Of The Spyder MR100 Review

  • Semi-automatic marker.
  • EKO valve (20 ounce CO2 bottle up to 1600 shots).
  • Picatinny Combined Tactical Siderail.
  • Composite clamp feed collar.
  • Comes shooting frame.
  • Designed with perfect front grip.
  • Foldable, removable compound car stock.
  • Access screws without tools.
  • 10 "micro port barrel.
  • Double trigger.
  • Compatible with compressed air and CO2.
  • Military paintball style.
  • EKO efficient air valve system (patent pending) fires up to 1500 shots of a 567-gram CO2 tank.
  • Feed neck high impact clamping polymer - two-finger trigger - Picatinny anodized aluminum side mount rail system, matte finish.
  • High impact vertical fore-grip polymer - Aluminum Trigger Frame-Screw Pull Pin Top of 5 - Quick Disconnect Pin.
  • Steel braided hose a piece of speed adjustment ball/spring guide - anti-double Feed Detent - - works with CO2 or compressed air.

The Kingman Spyder Paintball Gun is an excellent weapon for both beginners and experienced paintball players. Spyder MR100 is an authoritative and precise paintball gun that is easy to use and easy to maintain.

Once purchased, the following items usually included:

  • First, of course, get the Spyder MR100 Marker.
  • Secondly, you can get other items included in the package, such as visor with fog lens, CO2 tank (shipped of course empty), paintball harness, 1-ounce bottle of gold cup oil.

Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Marker Gun is of Military style. The Kingman Spyder Paintball Gun has air efficient EKO valve systems. It helps in fires up to 1500 shots from a 20-ounce CO2 tank.

Other Features Of Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Marker Gun

  • The Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Marker Gun is a great weapon. It is ideal for both beginners players and experienced players.
  • Certainly this Pro Paintball Gun very accurate and lightweight, which are two main elements when going to buy a paintball gun. It is also a very secure Paintball Marker Gun to use.
  • It made of long-lasting materials with rugged construction. However, there are no airborne parts that can reason in needless injury. So it is an excellent benefit for start-up players. Spyder MR100 Accessories include all crucial things that need to play.
  • Spyder MR100 Weapons are also very affordable, especially if they are just getting started. It is not reasonable to purchase expensive markers that cannot be handled or maintained properly. Especially if you are not sure of the severity. It recommended that you start with an inexpensive paintball marker and move towards the most expensive marker to better practice the sport.

The Spyder MR100 Paintball Gun Marker is perfect for the Beginner players and Intermediate players. Precisely, who desires to play a well-rounded paintball marker for a high price vs. value ratio.


  • Paint guns are very durable, and high-quality products make the game more accessible.
  • Very reasonable in rates.
  • Easy to play with them.Spyder MR100 Pro one of the most recommended paintball marker guns for beginners and even advanced players.
  • For some offers, you can save a few dollars by getting more than a paintball gun. Take a look at this Mega Set Spyder MR100.
  • Spyder MR100 Paintball Guns keep less ammunition and therefore require a more frequent refill. That recharge time is best used to shoot paintballs.
  • The weapon works nicely and is a complete package.
  • Shoot efficiently and accurately.
  • Very reliable and safe.
  • The best option for beginners as the first weapon.
  • Lightweight, but fast.
  • You can easily shoot long distances.
  • It is ideal for outdoor, indoor, wooden balls, speedballs, and captures flags.
  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • It will not stack and will not cut the ball.


  • It is quite expensive
  • Heavier than other extensive models in same range
  • Noisy while firing

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is Paintball and how to play?

Paintball is a sport that played with groups of at least eight people. These are ideal where teams practice different games using guns or markers that shoot paintballs. All participants wear masks to protect themselves, and the best fields also provide bibs, overalls, belts, and camouflage gloves.

Paintball is useful for playing several games for two to five minutes each, in which there are different objectives every time. In fact, such gaming modes come with sections as getting a flag, killing the captain of the opposing team, or reaching a particular place. When we receive a pitch, we are eliminated, and we must leave the field until the next game.

Question 2: How many paintballs spent in one game per person?

That varies with how often it shoots. For example, beginners: with 200 paintballs, or they shoot too much. Even they run out in the middle of the game, or they don't shoot. A good council is to shoot only if the target is within reach. As it always respecting a minimum distance of 5 meters. Shoot aiming, or at least looking at where it shoots.

Question 3: What are the dangers of paintball?

The main danger of paintball is to be reached by a shot in the face. Since this is the most fragile body area of the body that can damage easily. It is for this reason that you can not practice this sport if you have a mask. Another risk is the stumbling blocks and falls, being aware that you are not shot.

And running through the field can let you in the risk of injury from falls. Especially if where you play, the floor is irregular. The bruises resulting from the impact of the shots are something innate in this sport.

However, it is something that can reduce the use of thick clothing. Even the use of body protectors such as those brought by professional paintball suits is also a profitable idea to safeguard the body from getting injured and hurt.

Final Thoughts

Many people enter the world of paintball and enjoy excitement and excitement. But not everyone is so good. If you are also thinking about practicing sports, we recommend that you experience it directly with your friends. However, if possible, to find out what the experience will be like.

As for paintball guns, proper research; required to obtain a gun that is accurate, reliable. Even the modes and specifications with easy to maintain, and meets all the expectations of a paintball gun. A standard weapon to seriously consider is the Kingman Spyder MR100 Marker. We hope this Spyder MR100 Review will help you when you are going to buy a paintball gun.

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