11 Break Down Strategy Tips for Paintball Beginners (Tricks and Tactics)

Professional paintballers never forgot their first day of Paintballing alike we never forgot our first day at school. Paintball's popularity is being superior day by day. Every sport has some rules. Before you get started with paintball, you need to be aware of some tips and tricks.

I am going to elucidate some Paintball Tips and Tricks for Beginners. These strategies can facilitate you to play your first game like a boss and give a tough battle to your opponent.

1. What Gears Do You Need for Paintball?

Paintball Gears

You decided to play your first ever paintball play. Now, you need some essential paintball stuff. There are various paintball

gears accessible in the market. Going with inexpensive gears would be a wise choice.


A paintball marker key aspect of the paintball game. So picking an appropriate marker first would be a smart move. 

You may think of which would be the best marker for you? 

Well, a paintball gun with an easygoing configuration. A useful marker can be considered if it is comfortable to handle, have a plain finishing, effortless shooting. As an amateur, you can go for a gun that costs $200 or $100 with enough upgrades. But if you looking for a complete upgraded marker you can try some $300 high-efficiency upgrade plan for beginners. 


Your opponent won't let you go without shooting you as long as they want to win. Having a mask will protect from your opponent, and you play the game delightedly. So if you're going to start your journey safely, get a mask for your protection.

There are some other essential gears you must need. Like: A Hopper/Loader, Barrel, Tank, Good to have a talkie to communicate with team members. That's all!

2. What to Wear to Play Paintball

You might have arranged your paintball gears. Now you are worried about what you should wear. Well, this completely depends on your fashion. The pro tip is to choose clothes that cover your full skin. 

Covering your full skin is undoubtedly important for the entire game.

Paintball Jersey:

Paintball Jersey is specially made for paintball players. You can easily cover your skin with it. If you want to give your start as a pro look, nothing but choose a paintball jersey with long salves.


Dark color with multi-layers (ideally two layers) pants would be a friendly pant for the paintball game. Usually, loose jogging or jersey pants are ideal. All you need to consider before choosing pants that might benefit you to run, drive, and crawl comfortably.

Some other essential gears you need like: Gloves, Shoes, Vest, Pod Packs, Garbage bag.

3. Know the paintball basics 

At this stage, you should test your gears before starting. This isn't a difficult task to do. Just make sure you know how to deal with the marker, load the ball on the hopper, and everything works well. It will be a plus If you do a very quick practice. 

Also, make sure you are already concerned about where you are going to play and if they have some rules to play on their ground.

4. Be ready to play

Once you have all the gears and protections you are completely ready to play your very first paintball game means you are prepared to give your battle on the field. All you need to do now is to be confident in yourself. You should avoid nervousness and don't even try to remember that you are going to play a new game.

Now I am going to take you what you will do and what you won't on the field.

5. Study the ground areas and set plan

Simply study the ground will give you an advantage while playing any field. So, before starting the game, examine the ground with your team. Walk around, find out all obstacles, and ambushes set the plan wisely before you are on those spots. Closely see how all the bunkers made up. Some of the shelters have a hole that can notify your hiding by other teams. So, you need to know the way of lay down on the flat ground. 

Knowing the characteristics of every bunkers and area lets you planing more effectively. This will help you set your team members based on the ground conditions.  

6. Team Plan: Follow the Plan

Target Your OpponentWinning a paintball game depends on perfect teamwork. A good team combination can easily break down any obstacles in the game. Even a first-timer can be blessed for the pro players if they have good communication skills. Before starting the game, examine the ground and gather every team member and wisely discuss the plan and strategy of the game. Don't try to rely on one plan, establish 2 or 3 backup plans to survive in the game.

Make a clear gaming map and smartly explain the responsibility of the team members and figure out the hiding areas of the grounds, which will help a lot in the game. As a beginner strictly follow the plan and let your team members follow them. Otherwise, it will be a time of matter to lose the game. 

7. Follow Your Step

Communication is crucial when you're in the game. Let your nearby teammates know your every step. If you're on a move signal your teammates to cover you or if you hide or ambush let them know about that. 

When you or any of your teammates track one of your opponents let others know who will be that and what will be the position to take the opponent. Also, tell them to track enemy players when you shoot one. 

Try to share every collective information with your team members and keep the voice lower, or you can use a microphone when you pass the data so that other teams don't overhear it. 

8. Change Your Position

As a beginner paintball player, don't hide yourself or don't play a safe game. Hiding in one place is not the right solution for your team. Instead, It can go from good to bad. That's why you should learn when to move and how to move. Fast-moving makes you expose earlier, and you will be knocked down easily. Soon, your opponents track your ambushing and set fire to make you promiscuous. They make a plan and ambushes to knock you down. If you face this worst situation immediately tell that to your team members so that they can make an escape plan and protect you. 

Don't play too safe or be too reckless on your first game. Try to remember the team plan and follow your team commands. Be attentive and knowledgeable to follow the rules, always think ahead and don't play over smartly. Though all those things will be developed on experience,  waits for the chance and bang. 

9. Target Your Opponent Wisely

If you want to win the game, be aware of your opponents and your team positions. You have to target your opponents to shoot the ammunition wisely. Where most of the players fall into this trap to fire first and aim later, while there will be enough option to set a fire later. So, it's also important to use your pellets wisely. 

Be patient and scan the ground as much as possible. If you see any poor positions of your opponent player, let it know your team and make an ambush plan to knock him down. 

In this case, don't make any suicidal decision. Try to attack him from different areas and bring him as much as close to your ambush player. This way you will definitely knock them easily and your team winning chance will be doubled. But obviously follow the team plans to knock down opponents players. 

10. Do Not Cheat

Don't ever make this mistake. You have to follow the rules. If the opponents hit you try to make it loudly "HIT" or "OUT", this will let you know others, and you safely walk back. But don't try to cheat by hiding or ignoring your hit. 

If it's noticed by the referee or anyone you will be kicked out from the game. even out of the park. You and your team can be losing honor from people around and even make it blacklisted. 

11. Have Fun

Paintball is a popular outdoor game. You can bring your family and friends to enjoy the game in nature and pass a few productive times. This game is super safe and has a lot of fun. 

So, you don't need to be super serious to play this game. Because It’s a great way to enjoy some quality times on your weekend.

Final Thoughts

Being a beginner you know what is your capability, so don’t be reckless when you’re on the game field. You should keep in mind that paintball is a consistency game. Proper teamwork will make you survive until the end. 

A beginner won’t be the beginner if you read the team's minds and follow planning. As a long time player, I had the effort to provide as much as tips for paintball beginners.

So, do you want to survive or the winner? Follow those cracking techniques.  

Steven Miller

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