What to wear for paintball : 2020 Paintballing Detailed Guides

Paintball is a game that requires tactical and physical skills. Since this is a shooting sport with direct physical contact, safety is a fascicle considering the issue. But inherently, people often avoid protective gear and are willing to invest for guns under 300. Anyone can be seriously injured for the lack of proper protection. In this write-up, I am going to share what to wear for paintball and how they will keep you safe.

Why you need to wear safety coverings for paintball

You will find tons of wearable paintball gears in the nearest paintball shop. They are popular as well as essential for participants because of the three main reasons.

  1. They are designed to keep your body safe in the game.
  2. Some pieces of stuff even enhance performance and assist in the ground.
  3. These gears prevent both major and minor injuries in the game.

You don't need to purchase every wearable paintball outfits. But understanding the purpose and use of each accessory is crucial. Here we go.


The thermal paintball mask is one of the mandatory safety equipment for players. It saves your most sensitive organs from paintball hit, including the eyes, nose, and ears. Most of them are impact-resistant and works well. But, it would be best if you care about a few things such as the anti-fog lens, odorless material, and proper ventilation before buying.

Chest protector

Paintball hurts. But you can have a painless game only wearing a chest protector. Paintball chest protectors are made of high-density padded foam that provides the entire upper body safeguard. Some of them, for example, the Madfog Pro Padded Protector, come with neck defense as well. Wearing a chest protector is crucial for injury prevention.


A pair of gloves can improve your gun grip that will enhance your performance in the paintball game. Besides, they will keep your hand, fingers, and knuckles protected from unexpected cuts and injuries. Most gloves are equipped with padded palm for absorbing impact if you fall by chance. Keep in mind to choose one with proper ventilation for avoiding sweat.


No one wants to slip over on the ground, especially in the woodball game. The incident may lead to severe injury. Because of the risk factors, wearing a quality shoe is compulsory. But, should you pick a military boot or a pair of running shoes? The short answer is it depends. In experts' points of view, a couple of good paintball shoes should have ankle support, rubber sole with traction spike, and shock-absorbing materials.

Besides, it must be slip-resistant and breathable. My personal favorite one is the Salomon Speedcross Running shoe because it matches all my requirements. Now you can pick any of them considering the standard.

Elbow pads

Falling onto the elbow in a game is not a joke. If you break this complex joint, you are going to have a long term suffering. Elbow pads reduce substantial impact and guard your elbow joints and forearm. The highest quality elbow pads are equipped with gel foam to provide maximum protection.

Before you purchase them, I suggest checking if they are breathable and well fit for your hand size.

Knee pads

Knees are other sensitive joints we need to care about. One of my friends had fallen on his knee cap badly and he was not able to walk for days.  High-quality knee pads are built with gel foam like elbow pads that absorb massive impact and keep your knees safe from a hit.

However, knee pads should be lightweight, breathable, and adjustable so that it doesn't make disturb in the game.


You can wear any trousers or military pants for a paintball game. But, there are some items which are particularly offered for paintball. The material of such pants is a stretch woven, a combo of cotton and polyester. In general, the fabric is quite durable and has air ventilation. Besides, some of them come with adjustable knee pads and gear pockets.


In the summer, most paintball players like wearing cotton t-shirts. But, if you want something more than that, a jersey is a good choice. It doesn't only make you look cool but also provides the advantages of camouflage hiding in the game. The HK Army HSTL is high selling paintball jersey you can check. Paintball jerseys are lightweight and made of superior moisture-wicking properties that are durable. Most of them have ventilation; even some are equipped with built-in shoulder and forearm protection.

Waist harness

A paintball waist harness is a performance booster gear for every paintball player. They will make your ground activity effortless and smooth. If you wear a harness on your waist, you don’t have to worry about carrying essential accessories like paintball pods and air tanks. The more pouches a harness has, the more fun it is to use. Choosing a harness consists of heavy-duty nylon fabric would be a wise investment.

Your opponent will undoubtedly shoot you and the paintball will hurt indeed. Though the pain is minor, you should not neglect that and wear vital protective outfits.

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